Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 6

I guess this week should be called a cut back week because of the shorter long run. Whatever. This week was full of soreness, the good kind. I’ll take as much of that as I can handle up until the marathon gets really close.

Monday 8 6 miles intervals
Originally my plan called for 8 miles intervals. I’ve never run that far on the treadmill much less as part of speedwork. Plus, I haven’t done speedwork since before the California trip. I decided to do 6 miles intervals. At first it was hard but then I “settled in” and the time seemed speed by. I took it “slowly” (7.0) since it was my first speedwork session in a month but it flew by and I loved it!

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + abs challenge day 5; yoga
AM–I concentrated on keeping the RPM above 90 and thus pushed even when I otherwise would have slacked off. The first exercise of the abs challenge (side V-ups) took forever (difficult!) but it got done. The second exercise didn’t because my plank strength is non-existent. It felt fantastic to finish with deadman burpees. They may look easy; don’t be fooled!
PM–It’s been too long since I’ve dragged myself to yoga; I’m glad I did. I’m woefully inflexible and lack nearly any upper body strength. Even so I loved the class. Time flew by leaving my shirt sweat-drenched and arms noodle-like. This soreness lasted for days.

Wednesday 8 5 mile regular run
I learned not to do yoga for the first time in months (as well as a tough ab workout) and expect to be able to run 8 miles the next morning. I woke up with sore abs and triceps and tired legs. I still headed out optimistically. I’m becoming a smarter runner though so I listened to my body and instead of adding junk miles decided to run 5 instead of 8.

Thursday 5 6 mile regular run
Even though I’m still pretty sore (especially my shoulders) this run felt amazing, much better than Wednesday’s which makes it 2 consecutive weeks of better Thursday than Wednesday runs. I even managed near negative splits from mile 2 on. (Originally I’d planned on 8 but when I did the math I realized that I needed 6, not 8.)

Friday stationary bike at gym
I took it “easy” for the first half of this ride. Around 30 minutes I decided against day 6 of the abs challenge (One of the exercises was in plank position and my shoulders aren’t quite recovered. Rather than execute in poor form, I’m going to wait.) After that I started pushing as hard as I could to get above the 16 mile mark. I made it.

Saturday 10 miles long run
This was the best long run of the cycle. Great psychological boost for 16 next Saturday

Sunday rest + #runchat
I participated in #runchat last night for the first time. I’m not sure why I waited so long (maybe #fitblog scared me off ;)). While I didn’t win new shoes (that would have been fantastic) I had a great time and can’t wait until the next one.


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