16 miles to 1000

Around mile 5 of the run today I crossed the 1k mileage mark for the year. I’m more than a little excited about that.

Today was my fourth 16 miler. Each has been different. Back in July I wondered if I would be able to get to this point and I’m so thankful that I have even if it didn’t look like what I thought it would.

I told my mom last night that I was running 16 miles today. She replied that that made her 6 miles look puny. I contradicted her immediately. I’m so amazed at the progress she’s made! Since Mother’s Day she’s run three days a week following first the C25k app and now the C210k app, gradually increasing her distance. She’s already a much smarter runner than I am. Her enthusiasm about running makes me even more excited.

I knew before starting that this would be a tough run. After a brief humidity break, it has returned with a vengeance. I’m eagerly anticipating cooler temperatures which I hope will bring a little bit of speed back.

The run started really well. I tried to be proactive with hydration and even stopped at my car halfway to grab a 12oz Gatorade. I wonder what I would have felt like if I hadn’t done that.

The second half of the run was tough. I kept reminding myself about the humidity and its effect on my performance. I made modifications as necessary including extra walking.

Another change had to do with music. I thought I would never run without music. Then I signed up for an ultramarathon. You don’t wear headphones. For hours.

Though I will likely wear headphones during Savannah I am starting (with baby steps) to work in runs sans music into the current training plan so I don’t have to go cold turkey in November.

I’ve started by not adding music to my half marathon playlist. I have enough to cover 13-14 miles. Today my music happened to end just after I completed mile 14 while I was walking and eating my chomps. As soon as I finished the chomps I stuck my headphones in my back pocket.

I survived. In fact, I think towards the end of the second mile (mile 16) I forgot that I wasn’t listening to music. I did however become acutely aware of the sloshing in my camelbak. Instead of letting that annoy me I listened to the rhythm and incorporated the sounds I heard.

I think I might be able to do this “no music” thing.

Though my time for today’s 16 miler was faster than just my first (disastrous) 16 miler, I’m okay with that.

Something that made it even better?
A free venti peppermint mocha misto! I sat in an unusually long line at Starbucks but didn’t mind since I could play with my phone. When I started to get it ready to pay the barista said not to bother. Yippee!

Two weeks until Asheville Half Marathon!



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  3. ugh. I also noticed after I came back from the PNW that the slight break in heat & humidity was back in full force. I made that week of training so rough. I am hoping by the time I get back next week that the cooler temps will have set in?! Usually once September hits, we get a break pretty quickly…but maybe that big August break is going to haunt us into the fall…

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