Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 7

I was a little nervous about the 16 miler that capped off this week but things went well anyway. Only 9 weeks of training remain before the marathon!

Monday 6 miles tempo
Instead of 4 solid miles sandwiched between warm up and cool down miles I did tempo intervals (5 mins at 7.2 then rest 5 mins at 6.0). The intervals made it much more bearable on the treadmill. I actually can’t wait for the next session.

Tuesday stationary bike + abs challenge day 6
Pushing really hard on the bike makes the time fly by.
I skipped the third exercise of the abs challenge due to time constraints but I could feel the burn on the first two for sure.

Wednesday 7 miles regular run
Even with the humidity I loved this run. I felt strong the entire time and managed an 8:51 final mile!

Thursday 5 miles regular run
My legs took a little under a mile to warm up but once they did I felt strong throughout the rest of the run even when the wind decided to gust against me on my biggest downhill. I finished with a strong sprint making sure to pump my arms. (Those Olympians might be onto something. )

Friday stationary bike + abs challenge
I rode just to ride, nice and easy. No plan. I didn’t put too much effort into it.
I’ve decided to abandon the abs challenge. It’s good but I don’t like having to modify the exercises every time. I also don’t like the small number (only 3 per video) and doing it on my own. I’ve also wanted to get back into some group fitness classes at the gym so that’s what I’m focusing on for September.

<strongSaturday 16 miles long run
This run was tough due to the humidity but I got it done and crossed the 1000 mile mark for the year while doing it.

Sunday rest


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