10 Miles — speedwork works

I think the results of this run are fairly self-evident from the title.

Speedwork has returned in a big way to my training plan and I am so thankful for it, to the point where adding it into my training plan more than once a week sounds really good. I’m not of course but it’s still really tempting.

The other theme of this run could be the humidity. When the humidity first returned I blamed it on Isaac. Isaac’s been gone for over a week. The humidity? Still here with a vengeance. The idea of an Indian Summer is not appealing whatsoever.

I felt a little sluggish to start the run; it took a couple miles to get warmed up. After I stopped for water at mile 3 I started feeling stronger. This feeling did not go away for the remaining 7 miles.

I finished, completely drenched but so happy. I’m so glad that my last long run before the Asheville Half Marathon next Saturday ended so much better than last week, a definite confidence boost.

Speaking of the Asheville Half Marathon, I’m praying fervently that there will be a break in the humidity for the race. I’ve heard that this course is exceptionally hilly. I’d rather deal with the hills not the hills and the humidity. Other than the potential humidity I’m super excited about racing again. It’s been 6 weeks since my last race. I’m ready to get out there again.



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