Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon Training Week 8

Just like that this training cycle is half over. It’s just a little bit crazy to me because for a while I’ve thought of Savannah and all the other races coming up on my calendar afterwards (specifically the Harbison 50k!) as in the distant future.

8 weeks until the marathon? Not so far away.

The runs this week suffered from the lovely humidity here in South Carolina but other than that this halfway point training week was successful.

Monday 8 miles regular run
Normally Mondays are speedwork days but I switched Monday and Wednesday so I could run with Mom. We started a little late since Mom’s alarm didn’t go off so the humidity was pretty bad. I’m so proud of her; she ran 8 miles for the first time ever! I did a modified run/walk (walk every other mile) with her since that’s what she’s does. I’ll admit that it was a little bit of an excuse. It ended up working out well and I ran several of the miles faster than I would have other to keep up with Mom. It also motivated me to go all out in the rest of my workouts for the week.

Tuesday spin class + yoga
I can’t believe that I let myself go for a couple years without going back to spin class. Even though I had to get up an hour earlier than normal, I didn’t mind. It was worth it to get on the bike and climb those hills!

Wednesday 6 miles intervals
I increased the speed with each interval. I got to the point where I pushed so hard that after the 3.5 mile mark I had to step off and take a few pauses. I loved pushing it!

Thursday 6 miles regular run + bootcamp
I was not surprised when I looked up the humidity after I got back and found that it was 93%. Despite that, I had a great run. I felt strong the entire time and maintained a good pace. My splits were almost completely negative. I intended to go to my first bootcamp class at the gym that evening but realized around 6:15 that I wasn’t at the gym. (Class started at 6:00.)

Friday stationary bike
I needed a nice easy ride. I was a little sore from something. (I’m not sure what) I’m glad it went away quickly.

Saturday 10 miles long run
The average pace for this run was almost a minute faster than last week.

Sunday rest


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