365 Photo Project — Week 37

Most of these photos end up coming from my house because I try to take the picture and upload it as soon as possible. I’d probably run out of time otherwise.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Seven
table … my “table” aka a ledge. I love my standing workspace.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Eight
water … water bottle from the top

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Nine
action … finishing my major action for the day, half marathon #12!

Day Two Hundred Sixty
strange … but beautiful

Day Two Hundred Sixty-One
in my fridge … just one of the shelves

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Two
lines … looking through the slats

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Three
underneath … my daily perch



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2 responses to “365 Photo Project — Week 37

  1. patrick

    When you ran on Paris Mtn (mentioned in an older post), did you stick to the left-hand side of the street, or switch based on what appeared safer at that moment (if you can even remember)? In some parts, the guard-rail is too close to the street to make that side really viable for running along, since I want to be able to hop out of harm’s way in an instant, should a careless driver come around the bend. The other issue is thick poison ivy—I basically find myself having to identify areas where hopping off the road would be viable, and sort-of dashing from one of these safe-zones to the next, hoping like **** that a car won’t zip around the bend when I’m not within easy hopping range of somewhere hoppable. Did you find it as difficult as I did for these reasons, or do I just overthink it? Thanks in advance.

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