18 Miles–No Walk in the Park

This run met my expectations.

That’s not a good thing.

I went into this run not exactly dreading it but not exactly excited for it. My legs were sore yesterday and that’s when the negativity started.

Before you start thinking that this run was absolutely terrible, I need to make it clear that it wasn’t. It was just “eh”. That’s all I expected out of it.

It took about three miles for me to “wake up” and get into the run. (My bladder, however, woke up quicker than I did.) I felt strongest during the latter part of the first 6 miles and the beginning of the second 6 miles.

Just before mile 12 things started to get hard. I think part of that might be my shoes. I need new shoes asap. The other part? That’s undefinable at the moment. I’ve had great speedwork sessions for the past three weeks. The weather’s cooler. My mileage has been up consistently for several weeks. I’m healthy. I have a hard time putting a finger on the problem with no luck so far.

I ended up walking a tenth each of the last 4 miles. Mentally though, I felt a lot better about the run at that point. I know the cause of that but not the reason. Just after mile 14.25 my music ran out. At mile 15 I took my headphones out and put them away.

I noticed immediately how much better mentally I felt. I felt like I could conquer the rest of the run. I felt comparatively strong during the .9 running portion of each mile. (I say comparatively because it still hurt and I looked forward easily to the next walking section.)

For so long I told myself that I couldn’t run without music. Silly me. I just needed to try. I’ll be running the Moonshiner 5k on Friday without music. I won’t even bring my phone, just my headlamp (required) and Garmin (can’t give it up).

I finished the run with a 10:24 average pace, not where I thought I would be at this point. I can’t dwell too long on it though. Eventually I will figure out how to increase my speed and how to maintain it during the summer.

Up next? Moonshiner 5k (and the decision about whether to run 20 miles next Saturday or rearrange my long run schedule to accomodate that and the half marathon in October. The only problem? That leaves me with a two week taper. …)



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