Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 10

It’s double digit time! Exciting and scary at the same time!

This week had it’s ups and downs but overall I’d consider it a good week.

Monday 6 miles intervals
I started the intervals at 7.2 this time. (instead of 7.0) I definitely felt the difference. I felt really strong throughout though I felt a little nauseated during my second to last recovery interval. I can’t believe how quickly I banged this out!

Tuesday spin class at gym
I felt stronger than last week. (Maybe a good night’s sleep actually works 😉 ) We did a lot of short, intense bursts/climbs. I much prefer long, steady climbs to sprints but I welcome the challenge.

Wednesday 8 miles regular run
I tried to pick up the pace throughout the run. I still can’t figure out why my pace is so “slow” compared to my speedwork. However, I did manage negative splits from mile 3 on including a final mile of 9:20.

Thursday 6 miles regular run
I’m still baffled at this pace thing. I’ll look down at my Garmin expecting to see a 9:30 or 9:40 pace and see a 10:00 or 10:15. One thing’s for sure, it’s motivating me to put more effort out. I managed negative splits from mile 2 on: 10:10, 10:07, 9:59, 9:56, 9:02.

Friday stationary bike at gym
Today was another chill/easy day. Time flew. At this point in the training cycle I definitely don’t think it’s a bad thing to add an easy day into the week.

Saturday 18 miles long run
It wasn’t pretty but it’s done!

Sunday rest
I love rest days.

Up next? Moonshiner 5k on Friday (plus a slight rearrangement to the training schedule which I’ll talk about on Saturday)


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