Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 11

It’s hard to believe that the marathon is less than 5 weeks away. (It gets even scarier after that when I think about how close Harbison is. I’ll put that off until after Savannah. ;))

Monday: 7 miles intervals
This run felt amazing. I didn’t even feel like I needed to take a break. That’s what baffles me about my pace. Hopefully this will eventually translate to my long run soon.

Tuesday: spin class at gym
I finally found a bike with a computer that worked. (Yay for “accurate” mileage!) I pushed really hard this class to get a higher mileage. (Maybe I should find a bike with a working computer every time. :D) I had to take it easy on the last set of drills but I still loved the class overall.

Wednesday: 7 miles regular run
My right knee was tight at the beginning but got better later on. It did “niggle” occasionally throughout the run. I figured at the time that it had to do with the shoes and I was right. I got those as soon as I could.

Thursday: 7 miles regular run
It’s definitely the shoes. I wore my other (older) shoes today and had no problems at all. Getting new shoes tonight. The run felt much better and I was a little faster, almost a full minute.

Friday: stationary bike + Moonshiner Night 5k
The ride felt really good, good enough for a little (emphasis on the little because I didn’t start soon enough) sprint at the end.
I’m very glad I didn’t have 20 miles to face the day after that race because I would have done the race anyway and paid the price. 🙂

Saturday: 14 10 miles long run
While this run wasn’t pretty I learned a lot from it.

Sunday: rest
I continue to love my rest days.



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3 responses to “Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 11

  1. you’re almost there! i am so excited for you! keep pushing!

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