Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 12

This week marked the completion of three months of training for the race. I’m finally back at the point where I’m excited about the race and am able to make PR attempt plans.

Monday 8 miles intervals
It took me an interval or so to warm up but once I did it went well except for the accidental miscalculation. Around mile 3 I finished an interval feeling pretty wiped. I couldn’t figure out why since I hadn’t done that many intervals. Then I did some math and realized that I’d done a 1200m interval instead of an 800m. Oops. I finished drenched and really happy.

Tuesday spin class
Today’s class was great! I’m a sweat machine! I worked hard but did pull back at a couple point because training for the marathon is my priority and I didn’t want to over-fatigue my legs

Wednesday 6 miles regular run
I’ve been pretty stiff in the morning and that includes my knee cap. After a half mile I warmed up and settled into the most natural stride I’ve had in a while. I love my new shoes! I can tell a huge difference. I put out almost the same effort that I have been but my pace is much better.

Thursday 8 miles regular run
My legs felt a little fatigued from Wednesday’s run but over all I felt strong and still love my new shoes.

Friday easy stationary bike
Nothing remarkable, nice and easy

Saturday 20 miles long run
This run was so much fun! I never thought I’d say that about a 20 miler.

Sunday rest
I definitely enjoyed this.

Only 4 weeks of training remain until the marathon!


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