Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 13

Lucky #13 for sure!
This past week of training I ran more miles than peak weeks of both of my previous marathon training cycles. (It was a “cut back” week too!)

Monday: 8 miles tempo intervals
It took the entire warm up period plus the first interval to actually warm off/shake off lingering heaviness from Saturday’s 20 miler. After that the workout really flew by. I wondered a little how it would feel as I started extending the time on the tempo intervals but it felt fantastic, hard but fantastic. I wish my plan called for more tempo runs before the marathon because this one was awesome.

Tuesday: spin class
I was mentally done before I started. I spent the first half hour trying to talk myself out of quitting early. Once I crossed the half hour mark things got better. The second half wasn’t pretty but definitely better. I’m considering taking this class off my training plan until after the marathon but I’m not sure.

Wednesday: 8 miles regular run
While I loved the chilly weather, my pace did not reflect that. It took a while for me to “warm up”, literally and figuratively. Around mile 5 my legs started to feel tired, not heavy or sore, just tired. I met up with Mom at mile 6 where I took a gel. After that I perked up a little bit and was able to finish strong.

Thursday: 8 miles regular run
This run was so much better than Wednesday! Instead of being content to plod along I decided to step it up. (This was around mile 3) The faster pace felt wonderful! In the final 2 miles I wanted to run faster and faster. My last mile was sub 9! (8:48!)

Friday: stationary bike at gym
Sometimes I think the stationary bikes at the gym are calibrated wrong. I set it on 2 for an easy ride with just a little bit on but it felt like at least a 4 if not a 6. Oh well. It was a good, slow ride.

Saturday: iRecycle Half Marathon
The race was riddled with logistical difficulties (expounded up on in the linked entry) but my own performance was the total opposite, third fastest half marathon ever! (The first two are mere seconds apart.)

Sunday: rest
Again, I loved my total rest day.

Only two more weekly recaps before marathon week!



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3 responses to “Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 13

  1. Keep up the good work! You have a lot on your plate but seem to be pushing right along. Awesome.

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