Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon Training Week 14

This week was full of up and downs but also marked the most miles I’ve ever run in a week (by .3 miles). I’d say that’s a definite up.

Monday: 8 miles intervals
I started the intervals a little faster than last time (7.3) and bumped it up one tenth each interval. I had to take a few breaks to get some water (and catch my breath). I pushed hard because I know it pays off!

Tuesday: stationary bike
I decided Monday night not to go to spin class today. I have too many “hard” days on my training plan so I took it easy on the stationary bike and got some reading done.

Wednesday: 6 miles regular run
I felt sluggish at first but started to feel strong around mile 3. Every mile was under 10 minutes. My last mile was 9:11 and my average pace was 9:41! That makes me pretty happy.

Thursday: 6 miles regular run
It took me a while to get going this morning. On my way to my run start I managed to convince myself that I didn’t want to run in the chill and dark so I ran inside on the treadmill. Oh well. I made the best of it by increasing the speed a little every 5 minutes for slight negative splits.

Friday: stationary bike
I needed a slow ride today after a “bleh” day yesterday. My right IT band bothered md nearly the whole ride but as soon as I finished I foam rolled and it feels much better.

Saturday: 22 miles (long run PDR)
A very tough run but at least it was a training run not the marathon!

Sunday: rest
I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed it more!



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3 responses to “Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon Training Week 14

  1. Rockstar! You’re almost there! I hope you’re excited and feeling ready! 🙂

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