365 Photo Project — Week 43

This week I occasionally followed the prompt but sometimes I didn’t in an effort to get the picture taken before I had to leave for work. Now that that’s no longer an issue next week’s pictures should show a little more variety. 🙂

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Nine
workout must have … I’m addicted, no question

Day Three Hundred
what I’m listening to … the current podcast, fascinated to listen to an outside perspective on world news

Day Three Hundred One
morning … so much fun volunteering here that morning I forgot to take a picture!

Day Three Hundred Two
Amy, Rory, and … The Doctor
(and some random bad alien ;))

Day Three Hundred Three
the perfect way to spend a chilly, windy afternoon

Day Three Hundred Four
clothes … it doesn’t take that long to hang up my clothes yet I still drape them over the chair…

Day Three Hundred Five
Halloween … since this is the extent of the candy in my house, the porch light was off (we still got one doorbell ring though)


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