Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon Race Goals

It’s the night before my third marathon.

After a brief scare with not being able to find my name amongst the registrants in the online search I successfully picked up everything I needed for the race tomorrow and am about to set my alarm for early tomorrow morning.

Before I discuss my race goals I want to give a brief review of the expo.

I knew going in that I would compare this expo to San Francisco, my only other experience with a race this large. Spoiler alert: San Francisco wins.

After waiting a few minutes to board the ferry we made it to the expo.
I expected much worse based on the recaps from last year. I think they learned their lesson.

I knew things were looking good when I located my number on the board. 12016. For a numbers nerd like me whose favorite number is 12 and loves multiples of 4 it’s perfect.

I waited in line for a little while …
then with very little trouble (and a very friendly volunteer) I got my bib.

After grabbing my shirt (great fit) and swag bag I headed into the expo.

My biggest complaint? There was no flow, not obvious traffic pattern. That made it difficult to maneuver through the aisles as well as easy to miss booths. I almost missed the booth for picking up the parking passes. That’s pretty essential for tomorrow morning.

Even though the expo was crowded, confusing and hot I did walk out with more than I came in. Thanks Mom! I brought my last chomps for the race tomorrow so Mom graciously purchased a box for me. (Since I got a box I got a free gift, gloves and a water bottle.) We also happened upon a stand selling really nice tech ts, 2 for $25. Mom bought two, 1 for each of us. I’m so excited to wear it during training.

Once we exited the expo we made our way back on the ferry. (I should mention that the ferries were free, so thankful!)

Now for the race goals:

I’ve been putting off making this decision (and race plan) until today, not the smartest thing.

Honestly, I’m just thankful to be here and feel as great as I do. Back in July I seriously wondered what would happen. Even as recently as a couple weeks ago I wasn’t sure. (Not because of my back, but because of other nagging things that turned out to be my body crying out for taper.)

As soon as the back issue cropped up I abandoned by ambitious goals of 4:10. Now, I’m not so sure. I’m hesitant to make any decisions even now, hours before the race. Obviously I have to so here are my goals.

1. Run a smart race.
New River was amazing but my body fell almost completely apart around mile 22. I did not run smart on that mountain and paid the price. Thankfully there’s no mountains here in Savannah, the opposite actually. I ran a smart race at iRecycle and I want to do it again.

2. PR with a sub 4:30:xx
That would mean taking off 6 minutes from New River. I’m pretty sure I can do that. I would need a 10:18 pace. I’m actually going to shoot for a solid 10 minute pace and see what happens.

3. Reach for a sub 4:20:xx
A solid 10 minute pace would have me coming in around 4:22:xx. I think I might be able to throw in a few sub 10 minute miles. We’ll see.

So there it is. Less than twelve hours from now I will be on my way to the finish line for marathon #3

(As a side note: I plan to write a post about my thoughts on the NYC marathon soon. It’s impossible to be a runner and not know anything about it or have an opinion.)



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2 responses to “Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon Race Goals

  1. Even though I’m writing this when you’re already done, i’m going to pretend that this was a few hours earlier and say: You’re going to do fantastic!! I am sure you will surprise yourself at how fabulously you run. I hope you have the best weather, the best spectator support, and most importantly, that you have FUN! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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