Harbison 50k Training Week 1

And just like that I jump into another training cycle. The past week was more about training than recovery but as I alluded to in the previous post, I learned a lot about what my training’s going to be like (or should be like) over the next 8 weeks.

Sometime in the next week or so I plan to write a post on goals and the like for Harbison. (It may actually end up coming next week as there’s some serious life stuff going on with my family right now.)

Monday 4 miles easy run rest
I woke up still slightly sore and had no problem hitting the snooze button and sleeping some more.

Tuesday election day
I may not have worked out but I was moving all day from 5:30am until almsot 10pm. It took more out of me than I thought.

Wednesday 5 miles regular run
The journey to the 5k started sluggishly. I was way too tired, such a long day yesterday, so I listened to my body and cut it short. I couldn’t leave it at that though so I packed up my gear and took it with me when I went to sub.
For the first mile (of part 2 of the run) I felt on top of the world with a perfect stride. Around mile 2 my legs remembered that they ran a marathon Saturday, not just any marathon but one where I gave it all I had. The run was the perfect kind of tough.

Thursday 5 miles regular run
This run was so wonderful I didn’t care that it was slow. I loved the chilly weather (starting when the sun’s up helps!) and every step I took. Today was one of those just plain happy runs.

Friday stationary bike at gym
This was a nice easy ride. My “speed” has come back. I like that.

Saturday Camp Croft Half Marathon
This run was definitely not pretty but definitely worth it for all that I learned.

Sunday rest
Well enjoyed while it lasted


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