Turkey Bowl Run Race Recap — In Memory

Today’s race went far differently than I originally planned. I knew it would from the moment I learned that my Aunt Ruth had gone Home early Monday morning.

(I’ll talk about what changed in my training schedule this week a little more in my weekly recap coming Monday.)

The biggest change was that I ran without Mom who stayed up in North Carolina to help with everything that still needs to be done. Instead of riding with her to campus and then tacking on 14 trail miles after (courtesy of Paris Mountain) I decided to attempt my first “run-mute”, aka let me legs be the method of transportation to take me to campus.

I had a few reasons for this change. 1. My body is not physically ready for trails and the mountain. I’m just now not feeling the soreness from Tuesday’s workout. 2. I don’t feel mentally strong enough to get back out on the trails after last week’s race. The event’s of this week weren’t ideal for building mental stamina. 3. I saved gas. Every penny counts when you’re a broke grad student. 🙂

That being said, I didn’t have to wait for the start of the race alone. Two of my cousins were also running it. (I have a picture with just one of them though.)

Oh wait, that’s not us?

After two tries with Michael being a wise guy and touching the camera button before I was ready we figured out that we needed to turn the camera around. That made the whole thing even funnier.

Why have normal pictures when you can have squinty eyes and faces like his? (love it!)

Michael headed to the front of the pack after that. He wanted to run at least 23:xx and I’m not in PR shape, especially when I had 6ish miles still to tack on after the race. I hung back and plodded along at just sub 10 minute pace.

It’s really silly of me to think that I can run in a 5k just for fun and not start thinking about getting my speed back and going for that elusive sub-20. (That will take a lot of work. I want it just once.)

While I wasn’t in the race to actually race, I do have a few thoughts about it.
First, just about everything that Bob Jones does is spectacularly well organized. From packet pick up to the finish line, everything was in place and running smoothly.
Second, I really wish they would use the whole campus and not just back campus. Running in slightly different circles for 3 miles is a bit repetitive. (BJU, it’s okay if girls wear pants on front campus, especially if it’s once a year for a race.)
Third, the t-shirt design is phenomenal, once again.
I love the color especially.

Throughout the race I thought about my aunt and was glad I had at least one little item with some purple on it that I could wear in her memory.
(I know those stripes look pinkish in that picture but they are actually closer to purple.)

On Thursday Mom and I are going to run a local turkey trot wearing some purple scarves in Ruth’s memory. I’m so glad that Ruth had a favorite color because it’s something tangible we can do to honor her memory and use it as a jumping off point to tell her story and point people back to God.

My run did not end at the 5k finish line. Mentally though I felt very defeated. I couldn’t have expressed that earlier paragraph then. I’m not sure why I felt so down but those final miles were a slog.

As soon as I stopped though I established the upcoming week as “Operation Get-my-mojo-back” aka get enough sleep, drink enough water and eat the right stuff. All things I haven’t done so well the past couple weeks. 😀

Every race, every run even, teaches me something as a runner and I can’t wait to keep learning.

Next big lesson? First trail run that’s not a race. Woohoo!



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