Harbison 50k Training Week 2

This week was all about being flexible with training and learning how to deal with mental and emotional upheaval.

A week ago this morning at 5:20am my aunt went home after a 13 year battle with a very rare cancer. It was time. She no longer suffers. (Please check out her story here.) This past week I learned that life, irrevocably changed, still goes on.

It seems somewhat trivial to talk about my workouts after that but as I just said, life still goes on. I mention it only to explain what likely caused some of the struggle this week, especially with my long run.

Monday 8 7 miles intervals
This run marked the return of speedwork, a very successful return. Originally I had 8 miles planned. I wasn’t quite up to 8 but I still felt magnificent throughout the 7. Great confidence boost after the Camp Croft Half Marathon.

Tuesday pump class at gym
It has been way too long since I’ve done any strength training. I knew I would be sore, especially after we did walking lunges around the perimeter of the gym floor. I underestimated my future soreness.

Wednesday 6 miles regular run
I woke up with sore muscles all over my body. Yay for strength training! I forged ahead with the run and am so glad I did. The cold was invigorating. Even though the run was slow (and somewhat painful…in a good way) it was so amazing!
At this point I wasn’t as sore as I soon would be.

Thursday 6 miles regular run rest
I woke up, even more sore than the day before, to rain and temps of 37 degrees. This was an easy decision to make. At first I was just going to cancel the run altogether but then I decided to postpone it to Friday since I wasn’t going to do anything Friday morning anyway. (I didn’t have easy access to a gym.)

Friday stationary bike at gym 6 miles regular run
I was still sore but much less so. (The sorest part then was actually my right tricep.) I took it easy so I wouldn’t be wiped for the long run. I can’t wait to get my speed back though.

Saturday Turkey Bowl Run + 14 12 miles
I felt mentally down during this run and even contemplated ditching the 50k. When I finally finished I once again experienced runner’s amnesia (:D) and started planning “Operation Get-My-Mojo Back” which also happens to coincide with Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge which I’m participating in once again. Since Amanda added a fee to participate, participant numbers are way down. Maybe I’ll actually win something this time.

Sunday Rest
Well enjoyed



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3 responses to “Harbison 50k Training Week 2

  1. I have had runs like that… where I feel totally defeated and want to just give up. But then the next day I’ll have a kick ass run and be right back on the runner’s high.
    I was going to do the holiday challenge but I think it’s like $25 or something? Seems a bit ridiculous.

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