TreesGreenville Turkey Trot 8k Race Recap

This is the third time that I’ve run this race, each time very different than the last.

Today I ran with my mom, who (by the way) is a total rock star. This was her longest race ever, having only previously run 5ks.

It was pretty hard for her, not because of the distance but because she hadn’t run for a week and a half. She’s been in North Carolina helping with the funeral arrangements for her sister, and everything that comes along with that. See why she’s a total rock star?

I ran this race not for time but to run with her and in memory of my aunt. We wore purple scarves in her honor.
(The scarves didn’t stay on our necks the whole time though. Mom tied hers around her waist. I tied mine around my arm.)

I felt strong throughout the race and didn’t mind slowing to walk when Mom needed to. (I also learned that using the portopotties before the race make for a much easier run.)

This race was different for many reasons, most of them difficult to put into words. We both finished well and in the end, that’s what counts.


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