Hilton Head Half Marathon Training Week 2

I know I didn’t have week 1. That was last week. (the one I labeled as the last training week for Harbison)

This week showed me just how ready for speed I am.

Monday 8 miles intervals
I increased the interval speed with each interval. The early intervals were “easy hard” but by the end they were really tough. I absolutely loved it though! Now I have to figure how how to translate that interval speed into race speed for my 5k in January.

Tuesday pump class
This was a great class. I upped the weight on my bar and timed my bathroom break for the “cardio” portion. While I sincerely hope that this doesn’t become a cardiosculpt class, I still really liked class.

Wednesday 8 miles regular run
So much of my “slowness” lately is mental. This run confirmed that. I told myself to run a little faster and I did. It still felt easy so I’ll take that any day. 🙂 I’m excited to see what this training cycle will bring.

Thursday 6 miles regular run
A sore throat, pretty bad at the start, started to plague me. As I ran it got better. My pace was slow for the first two miles but then each mile after that I managed a negative split. My final mile was 8:56. (The sore throat has since morphed into sinus drainage/congestion and then to a cough which is the stage I’m in now.)

Friday stationary bike at gym
I felt really strong and finished a little faster than last week.

Saturday Road Warrior Half Marathon
This race was amazing. I even felt a little bit sore on Sunday and I haven’t felt sore after a half marathon for quite some time. 🙂

Sunday Rest
I didn’t even walk while I read. I wanted to be rested up and ready to attack the next week of training.



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3 responses to “Hilton Head Half Marathon Training Week 2

  1. Great week, you are really solid with the middle distance runs!

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