8 miles and a Cranky Calf

Speaking of cranky calves, I saw an actual calf (baby cow) on the run today but I don’t think he was cranky.

I’ve mentioned on dailymile, and will mention in this week’s training recap, that I’ve been dealing with tightness in my left calf. I keep hoping and praying that it will go away and running can get back to normal. Instead the tightness just keeps moving down little by little on my calf.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m pretty frustrated. I’m trying to become a smarter runner. I really am. I’m trying to do everything right and then out of no where this calf issue comes up. (After a twingy right knee thing that went away as well as the infamous back issue back in June.)

Today I had 13 miles on the plan but when this calf tightness (no pain) stuck around on Thursday I knew I had to figure something else out so I decided to run 8 with Mom. (She’s doing absolutely fantastic though. She’s going to rock her first half.)

I hoped that maybe, just maybe, the calf tightness would stay away. It didn’t.

Other than my left calf I felt absolutely amazing. I think that’s the most frustrating part of this whole thing.

I have one more thing that I’m going to try before I take drastic measures (aka a rest day) and that’s getting new shoes Monday. I have over 350 miles on my current pair. (That’s what happens when I don’t have another pair to alternate them with and make them last longer.) I checked the wear patterns this morning before I ran and the left shoe looks more worn than the right. I’m going to take them in and hopefully make sure that I get the right shoe.

I hope for a better training week next week.



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