Hilton Head Half Marathon Training Week 3 Recap

This week was all about the calf. After today’s run (not part of week 3’s recap) I’m making the call for rest days. Something needs to change, especially if I’m going to make it to the start line much less PR.

After I recap the past week I’m going to post my game plan for keeping this calf/ankle tightness from turning into something serious as well as call for any other suggestions from people who may have had to deal with something like this before.

Monday 6 miles with 3 mile repeats at 7:53
I was a little nervous about the intervals since they were mile intervals at 7:53. Turns out I had nothing to be nervous about. These intervals felt so much easier than I thought they would. (They were still hard of course, just easier than my expectations.) I really want that feeling back, as soon as possible.

Tuesday stationary bike at gym (no pump class because of exams)
This was a great ride. I kept trying (and do each time) to increase my average rpm (and thus get further) but my rpm stays about the same. Oh well

Wednesday 7 miles regular run
This is where things started to fall apart. I felt strong and absolutely fantastic for 85% of this run. Around that point my left calf started to tighten a little. It didn’t interfere at all but I was a bit frustrated. The final straw came within .05 of my finish point. My back started tightening for no apparent reason. While it’s fine now (I made sure to stretch as much as I could) it soured my opinion of the whole run. That’s a shame because my pace was spectacular. 9:33/9:34/9:38/9:35 (that includes some major hills!) 9:22/9:04/8:50

Thursday 7 miles regular run
I felt pretty tired. (I think I need to get more sleep.) My left calf didn’t hurt but I felt it for sure. I decided Thursday to back off from the walking I was doing to earn extra HBBC points as well as drop a few miles on the week long run for the week. I also decided to focus on getting enough water, wearing compression sleeves and stretching. I was really hoping that that would work.

Friday stationary bike at gym
This was a good ride. I might actually have gotten faster because I didn’t need to sprint to get to 15 miles.

Saturday 13 8 miles long run
This did not go anything like I hoped. Looking back on it, I don’t think it was that bad but it wasn’t good for sure. I think I’m indulging in worst case scenarios and that’s not helping.

Sunday rest
My left calf/ankle felt absolutely great all day so my expectations were pretty high today. High enough that it hurt big time when those expectations weren’t met.

Now, the game plan:
1. No exercise until Friday morning at the earliest. (I may try a run with Mom)
2. Sitting while I read instead of walking slowly. (Hopefully I won’t fall asleep.)
3. Icing when and if necessary.
4. Compression sleeves all day.
5. Research stretches and strengthening exercises.
6. Stay positive.

If anyone else has suggestions I would love to hear them. (There’s never been any real pain. At the worst it was just REALLY tight. It started in the mid-calf on the left leg and has moved down to just above the ankle. Again, no pain.)


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