365 Photo Project — Week 50

Only one more complete week of recaps after this. (Week 52 is actually only 5 days of 2012, unless I mislabeled one of the weeks…)
[Edited to add: just noticed that I labeled all the photos as two hundred…whoops]
Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight
weather … 44 may not be that bad but just take a look at the “feels like”. That’s thanks to the wind.

Day Three Hundred Forty-Nine
front door … from the inside

Day Three Hundred Fifty
#sospecial this is what I get when I try to take a picture of him

Day Three Hundred Fifty-One
something you made … well, I didn’t make it but someone did. Homemade ornaments are always better

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Two
this picture fulfills all the prompts!
#fmsphotoaday on the floor … looking up
#photoadayosd tree … obviously
#idearoom cosy … what’s more cozy than a Christmas tree?
#iheartfaces comforting … ditto
#capturingdecember … presents

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Three
homemade … finally done

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Four
Day Three Hundred Fifty-Four
something that starts with “s” … sidewalk


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