13 miles on Hilton Head Island, a prelude to a half marathon

Last night, after a much longer than normal trip down, we arrived safe and sound at Hilton Head Island. I went to be last night eagerly anticipating my morning long run.

Although it took me a little while to get going once I was out on the road everything seemed to fall into place.

The weather was chilly (not quite chilly enough :)). There weren’t many people out on the trail. I felt strong, ready to takle the morning’s mock half marathon.

I figured that mild dehydration might be a factor. I have a teeny, tiny bladder and a traveling companion that doesn’t like stopping on road trips. Thus, I don’t drink a lot. Combine that with an extra long trip…

Around mile 6 or so I started feeling it. Thankfully, I still felt strong otherwise and made sure to keep pushing. (I was having so much fun in the early miles that I accidentally ran about 10 seconds per mile too slow.) I even turned it on in the last mile, attempting to achieve a sub 9 minute mile. (Mission accomplished: 8:19)

Lesson learned: after a long car ride, guzzle water if you want to have a long run the following day.

Next time I run 13 miles on Hilton Head Island I’ll be chasing a sub 1:50:xx half!



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4 responses to “13 miles on Hilton Head Island, a prelude to a half marathon

  1. Good luck girly, I definitely think you can get sub 1:50 with your paces. Honestly in my training runs I go about 9 minute miles for long runs and both my recent half marathons have been under that. If you do some speedwork you will definitely break it. I’m not super close to HHI but here in Charleston it has been really, really chilly in the mornings lately but always warms up nicely. Bet the weather will be good for the half.

    • Thanks! I’m following a runner’s world smartcoach plan and trying to follow the prescribed paces. It predicts a 1:47:xx finish. I would be ecstatic with that!

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