Hilton Head Half Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

I was very nervous about this week and hoping that I wouldn’t be set back too much on the training front. Monday was the worst. The lesson I learned this past week? Don’t go to the worst case scenario first. A new pair of shoes was all I needed.

Monday 7 miles tempo intervals
I had high hopes for this run because the calf/ankle felt totally normal all day Sunday. It was not to be however. The tightness just above my ankle started almost from mile 1 and just got tighter. I’m stubborn so I finished the run. I was very frustrated with the run and started to abandon all hope since I used my other pair of shoes (still old).

Tuesday pump class
It was so good to be back after two weeks off. The instructor pushed us really hard since it was the last Tuesday pump of the year. (or so she said :D) A couple hours later and I could barely lift my arms high enough to wash my hair. I was really sore (in a good way) for the next two days.

Wednesday 5 miles regular run
New shoes=no calf tightness whatsoever. My pace was slower on this run though because my glutes (along with many other muscles) were incredibly sore from pump class. I still had a smile on my face the entire time.

Thursday stationary bike
This ride was tough since I was still pretty sore from pump on Tuesday. I pushed hard just to keep myself going. I must have pushed harder than normal because I finished a minute earlier than normal and didn’t need to sprint at all.

Friday 9 miles regular run (Mom’s long run)
I felt strong the entire time. Mom did a great job (her longest run yet!) and even pushed us to an 8:44 last mile.

Saturday rest/travel
I got some walking in while reading before we started out. Other than that I got to spend 6 hours in the car on a trip that normally takes 4 hours. Yay

Sunday 13 miles long run
This was a good run, despite the mild dehydration issues.



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3 responses to “Hilton Head Half Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

  1. great solid week of training!! I know it’s hard with travel but you got it done!

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