Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Training Week 5 Recap

I don’t think I could ask for a better week of training for the last week of the year. While my efforts at cross-training were twice thwarted, the runs more than made up for it. I’m thrilled to see what 2013 will bring.

Monday bike ride
One of these days I’ll have enough money to get a bike that’s not almost as old as I am or purchased for my sister when she was 10. After dealing with one flat tire, I attempted to use the other, smaller bike. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that the pressure was low on this bike as well and the 3 miles I tried to ride was almost as hard if not harder than running or walking. I ended up walking the bike back (almost a mile).

Tuesday 7 miles regular run
This run went really well. I maintained a strong pace throughout (9:24) and could tell I was pushing but it was still a fairly easy pace. To make it even more fun I pushed really hard on the last mile and almost got a sub 8 mile. (8:02) The only thing that would have made this run better? Winter

Wednesday bike ride
thwarted by rain

Thursday 8 miles regular run
This run was absolutely awesome. Somehow I was able to maintain an 8:50-9:10 (average 8:51) pace throughout the whole thing and it felt easy! I kept glancing down at the Garmin and being surprised to see sub 9 times on it. With that in mind I aimed for a sub 8 minute mile for the last mile and succeeded with flying colors–7:20!

Friday 8 miles regular run
I definitely felt Thursday’s run (in a good way) so instead of pushing myself to beat that time, I settled in to enjoy the run (and still managed a fairly good pace.) I enjoyed the run and even did a little exploring.

Saturday rest/travel
While I much prefer Saturday long runs, there’s just no way around the schedule adjustment on beach weeks.

Sunday 13 miles long run
This run was a fantastic way to return to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and also served as confirmation that I’m still on track for a HHI half marathon PR.

Three weeks of training (minutes today’s run) remain before I attempt to run a sub 23:00 5k at the Greenville News Run Downtown 5k. Yikes!


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