10 miles instead of 31

Last year at this time I had just snagged a new half marathon PR (which has since been surpassed). While writing the recap of that race I kept seeing posts on Facebook and twitter about GTC members running the Harbison 50k.

I wanted so badly to be down in Columbia running that race. I’m not even sure why. All I know is that I determined then that I would be running that race come January 2013.

That enthusiasm lasted through the first half of the year becoming almost unbearable when my mom gifted my registration for my birthday. I was so sure that in six months I was going to run that race.

Since I’ve already discussed the things that led up to my decision not to run, I won’t waste time rehashing.

Today was supposed to be the day. At the time this entry publishes I probably would have just finished or be within 5 miles of finishing.

I thought today would be hard. I thought I would struggle a little bit with not doing something that, at the beginning of 2012, I wanted to do so much. Honestly though? I haven’t really struggled. To me, that lack of struggle is confirmation that not running Harbison was the right decision.

Instead, I participated in a different kind of distance achievement. Today, I ran with my mom who completed 10 miles, her first double digit run. I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished!

Mom ran 10 miles!

While a few minor things didn’t go exactly according to plan for her, she finished strong and we had a great morning out running the Swamp Rabbit Trail together. I’ll take that over a potentially miserable 50k any day.

Only two more weeks until the Greenville News Run Downtown 5k. eek!



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6 responses to “10 miles instead of 31

  1. Sounds really and totally perfect!

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  3. definitely a good decision if you had no regrets today and look how well your training is going!

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