Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 6 Training Recap

I don’t always do so well with cut back weeks ;). My smartcoach plan dictated four 7 mile runs at approximately a 9:50 pace. I completed three 7 mile runs and one 10 mile run, none of which were slower than a 9:40 average pace. Whoops.

Monday 7 miles recovery run
I concentrated on trying to keep the pace slower to make sure that I didn’t have two hard days in a row. I could definitely feel the long run from Sunday but it was so hard to make myself pull back. 🙂 The hills help though.

Tuesday stationary bike
Today I had to make do with the bike since I was not interested at all in the special two hour class they had at the gym. (Step and zumba hold absolutely no appeal for me.) I didn’t mind settling for the bike. In fact, I was surprised by how strong I felt. I exceeded my usual 15 miles without having to sprint at all. Great 1st workout for 2013.

Wednesday 7 miles tempo intervals
These intervals were pretty hard. My legs felt heavier than normal. However, I pushed through and by the last interval I felt great!

Thursday 7 miles regular run
I felt a bit sluggish in the beginning and didn’t really perk up until the wind picked up. There’s nothing like biting cold wind to wake one up. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this run.

Friday stationary bike
I had to sprint a little to get to the same distance as Tuesday but the pace overall was still faster than usual.

Saturday 10 miles long run
I think running 3 extra miles (from what the plan dictated) to run with Mom as she completed her first double digit run was more than worth it.

Sunday rest
As usual, my weekly rest day was fully enjoyed.


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