Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Have you ever had one of those weeks of training that you would rather throw out and just start over?

I hadn’t, until this week. Now that there’s some time between the lackluster runs of week 7 and now, it’s a bit easier to be positive. (That’s runner’s amnesia for you.)

Week 7 was tough. Speed work was difficult. (I think I ramped up the speed a little too much.) Pump class was fine but affected almost every day that followed that week. The runs on Wednesday and Thursday were on the painful side thanks to DOMS. Friday’s stationary bike ride was slower than usual. Saturday? Well, since I wrote a whole post about it. I think you know.

For the sake of being able to look back and learn based on this past week’s experience, here the weekly recap with a little more detail.

Monday 7 miles with 4×1 mile at 7:18 with 800m jogs
I chose the pace for the intervals based on what I need to maintain to break 23 minutes for the Greenville News Run Downtown 5k. I think I need to change breaking 23 minutes to a reach goal rather than my main goal. These mile intervals were some of the toughest intervals I’ve ever done. I had to take a couple water breaks after miles 2 and 3 and another pause halfway through the 4th interval. I love running full out however so I absolutely loved this workout. I’m tempering my expectations for the race in two weeks though.

Tuesday pump class
The pump class I attend is one of the last group fitness classes that my gym offers that does not include cardio. I’m hoping this trend is reversed. I appreciated this class though. The instructor had a good variety of exercises. I pushed hard but not to the point of exhaustion, just right.

Wednesday 8 7 miles regular recovery run
This run was exceptionally tough. My legs were super sore thanks to the deadlifts, lunges, squats and whatever else I’m forgetting from pump class Tuesday. While my pace averaged 10:04, it felt a whole lot harder. I ran 7 instead of 8 to spare my legs.

Thursday 8 miles regular run
The soreness from pump Tuesday was a little bit better but it still slowed me down. I tried to take it easier today for recovery purposes. I had to keep myself from declaring flat out that I wouldn’t do strength training any more. I see why I dropped it from my schedule for so long. Hopefully I won’t have any more two week gaps between sessions and the soreness won’t be so bad. I did get a boost in the last mile, thanks probably to the Gu gel I took at mile 6.

Friday stationary bike at gym
My pace was a little off thanks to the lingering soreness from Tuesday. Thankfully, the soreness is much less, still frustrating, but less. I’m torn about strength training next week since it’s race week and I need every pep possible in my step for the 5k. More than likely I will just ride the stationary bike and pick strength training back up next week.

Saturday 14 miles long run
They can’t all be good.

Sunday rest
As usual, the rest day is greatly appreciated. I made sure to take plenty of breaks. 🙂


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