Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 8

This week was phenomenal, especially in comparison to week 7. Turns out, a bad week of training isn’t the end of the world. 😉

Monday 7 miles tempo intervals
I forgot what speed I’d last set for the intervals so I ran the first two intervals a little too slow. I made up for it with the last few intervals.

Tuesday stationary bike
I opted for the bike instead of pump class just in case. I wasn’t really concentrating during the ride so the milage was a little less. I’d rather take it easy on cross-training days in advance of the 5k Saturday.

Wednesday 8 miles regular run
I ran inside. There’s nothing appealing about the dark and the rain. The run went well with nothing out of the ordinary, good or bad. I finished with a sprint, the best part of the run.

Thursday 8 miles regular run
I ran inside again because of the dark and the rain. (The rain was coming down steadier.) Again, the run was average and I finished with a sprint. I’m thankful for clear skies in the forecast because this run was boring!

Friday stationary bike
I gave a half-hearted effort partly because I want to “save” my legs for the race but partly because I felt lazy.

Saturday Greenville News Run Downtown 5k
1 minute 23 second PR. That is all.

Sunday rest
I’ve had this odd tenderness on the inside of my left foot towards the back of the arch for a while now. It used to happen only after runs sometimes (almost like a cramp). Now it’s sensitive longer and yesterday it was more sensitive than I’m ok with. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I want to make sure that it doesn’t get worse. It’s definitely a let down after a race like Saturday’s but I want to make sure that I have plenty more races Saturday. Since it seems like it might be the beginnings of PF (plantar fascitis) I’m going to use that as a plan of attack and hopefully keep it at bay.


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