Fourteen Miles of Fits, Starts and Finally Finishing

That title came to me before we had finished 3 miles today. It was that kind of run.

Getting started today took a while thanks to South Carolina’s version of a winter storm. (black ice + SC drivers = mess) We waited until 9 so that the black ice would have thawed a little.

Before we arrived at the parking lot, Mom stopped at a gas station for a pit stop. They didn’t have a bathroom. That’s okay. There’s a McDonald’s across the street. They weren’t open. That’s right. The ice scared away all the McDonald’s workers away or something like that.

We gave up and planned on stopping at the Furman bathrooms.

Today was the first time I wore a fuel belt that I won it in a giveaway. I love it; I just don’t know how to wear it. After strapping it on and starting to run, it slid up off my hips and started bouncing. I stopped to fix it. A little while later later bouncing again. Rather than waste more time, I took it off and jogged back to the car.

Any tips on how you’re supposed to wear those things?

Finally we’re running but not for long though because it’s only a half mile to the Furman bathroom. Last week it was closed for repairs. This week? Closed because South Carolinians (except runners) are wimps and no one had come out to unlock it. Stop number 3 since we started running.

We start running again and take advantage of a gas station bathroom, not knowing if Williams Hardware will be open. This time we had success. Stop number 4 at just mile 2.9

The next few miles were stop free save for a couple traffic lights. Kudos to Williams Hardware for being open. (We didn’t stop though.)

I felt great throughout this section. I was running strong and thoroughly enjoyed the chill in the air. I started to get warm though. Turns out that wearing a hat seriously distorts your temperature perception.

We made another stop at the same gas station as earlier Stop number 5. No luck. Someone was in there and Mom didn’t feel like waiting so on we went.

I got frustrated with all the starts and stops. The next few tenths were miserable as I stewed about it. Then I took a (figurative) step back and thought about how great running felt right then. I gave myself a mental slap and kept going.

Around mile 8 Mom was struggling a bit. All the fits and starts hadn’t helped her either. I suggested that if she was really struggling she could just stop at the car (mile 9ish) and I’d go ahead and finish. No way, she was determined to run 11 miles for the first time ever. Rock star if there ever was one!

Instead of continuing on when she turned around at mile 10, I turned with her. I had to run with her while she finished. (and get a picture)

#fmsphotoaday together ... Mom ran 11 miles for the first time ever! (Not sure why I seem so much taller...)
(I’m only 3″ taller than in her in real life. I promise.)

Once Mom finished I continued, 3 miles left for me. These miles felt really hard at first. My legs felt heavy. I kept going though, counting down until I could turn around. After the turn, I was done plodding. I wanted a sub 9 minute last mile so I put the hammer down. A quick glance at the Garmin showed me a pace with a 7 in the front so I decided I wanted a sub 8. Nailed it. 7:30

Running fast is so much fun.

This may not have been the best run but lessons can be learned with each one.



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5 responses to “Fourteen Miles of Fits, Starts and Finally Finishing

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  2. I know people who can wear their fuel belt down around their hips. That is where it seems like it would be the most comfortable (and look the most “normal”) but mine won’t stay down there either. So I actually wear mine a little higher, around my waist (belly button height). I tighten the straps down to make it snug and it sits comfortably.

    • Thanks for the advice! I saw someone on the trail later who wore hers around her waist so I tried that out when I got home. No problem. I’ll definitely try that next time.

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