Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 9 Training Recap

With the half less than two weeks away now, things are starting to get real. 🙂

Monday 8 miles tempo intervals
I used the new insoles I got via #bestfoot as a step towards warding off potential PF. They worked great. I was nervous about the run but didn’t have any problems. Once I got over the nervousness I enjoyed the run.

Tuesday pump class
I liked the format. Instead of leading through a certain number of reps, the instructor had us perform certain exercises for one minute telling us to go at our own pace. The only problem is that occasionally she wouldn’t demonstrate the exercises before the time started. It was okay for me for most (I lost some time on a couple) but there were a couple beginners in the class that probably felt a little lost.

Wednesday 8 miles regular run
I felt absolutely wonderful! My legs were a little sore from pump Tuesday but nothing compared to two weeks ago. I loved the chilly weather!

Thursday 8 miles regular run
I didn’t feel quite as wonderful as on Wednesday’s run. I kind of zoned out during the first few miles so they were a bit slower. I did manage to pick up the pace when I started paying attention. I finished as fast as I could. (8:29)

Friday stationary bike
This was an average ride. I didn’t feel like pushing it so it ended up being a good time to get some light reading done.

Saturday 14 miles long run
This may have been a run full of starting and stopping but it’s done and I’m pleased with it.

Sunday rest
As usual, this is well appreciated. I didn’t even do as much walking as I normally do.


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