January Check-Up

This year, in an effort to avoid forgetting any of my goals, I plan to post a brief recap on where I stand so far on my goals.

(This may change as the year goes on but for now this is the plan.)

Below each listed goal I will give a status update. If I haven’t made any progress towards a particular goal I will also post a brief plan of action to change that.


1. Run 1800 miles (Reach: 2000)
Total miles ran in January: 151.61
Total miles remaining (1800): 1648.39
Total miles remaining (2000): 1848.39
If I kept up this average I would meet my goal with 19 miles to spare. Since marathon training starts in two or three weeks (eek!) I’m fairly confident that I will be able to get to 2000 by year’s end.

2. Race at least once a month.
One month down, one race in the books and a PR to boot!

3. Strength train twice a week
This did not go so well this month. Instead of 10 strength training lessons logged, I have 3. One was postponed for race prep. (See #2) The second training session each week just hasn’t happened. Since I’m tackling a fairly ambitious marathon training plan in two or three weeks I may tailor this goal to one strength training session per week. I’m still undecided about that.

4. Start Swimming
My original post gave me until after Hilton Head to get going on this. See #3 for why this may or may not happen.


5. Make thesis and PhD work a top priority.
With the exception of a few days of falling asleep standing up (caffeine withdrawal from making the mistake of thinking that decaf in the morning would be okay), I’d say that I’ve made excellent progress on my thesis. It’s starting to take shape though not exactly as fast as I had hoped.

6. Take the blog in a new direction.
So far I’ve published two posts towards this goal: Writing Things That Matter and The Real Value of Annotated Bibliographies. I’m pretty pleased with both of them.

7. Read 150 books.
The 2013 Reading Challenge widget on goodreads is excellent motivation. Since I chose rather large books to start off the year I’ve been playing catchup. With the two books I just finished today, my total is 12. On pace with a remainder of 138.


8. Take 1,000 pictures/Have 8,000 photos uploaded to flickr.
So far this is going brilliantly.
This year I have taken 95 pics with 905 left to go.
I have a total of 7,053 uploaded to flickr with 947 remaining.

Things are looking good so far!


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  1. Ange

    Love this! Awesome accountability!

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