14 Miles–A Dress Rehearsal

**Over the next month I will be making changes (improvements hopefully) to the blog as part of the 28-Day Blog Challenge (#28DBC) hosted by Katy Widrick. Pardon the virtual dust. Woman at work.**

Before last week’s long run of fits and starts, I was debating whether I would complete 14 miles today as prescribed by my training plan or cut it down to 12 or even 10 and start tapering.

Before the 5k mark of last week’s run I decided. I needed, mentally at least, an uninterrupted long run before next week’s half.

Today I headed out with the goal of executing a dress rehearsal of sorts.

It wasn’t exact, of course. The weather (which was perfect today in my opinion…27 degrees) is projected to be 55 with high humidity down in Hilton Head next week. Goody. The other huge difference? My pace. To achieve my goal of sub 1:50 I need to maintain an 8:15 pace approximately. That’s a minute faster than my pace today: 9:14.

For the most part things went really well today. For example, I figured out how to wear the fuel belt. (I actually really like it.) Beyond figuring out how to wear it, I practiced using the little bottles to rehydrate. I wasn’t going to at first. Then around halfway I realized that my legs were starting to get achey. I’ve learned now that that means “Drink water!”

I also managed not choke on my chomps. That’s a serious risk the faster you run. I’m joking, of course, but it is something I need to practice so that I can chew and breathe at the same time.

I would have absolutely loved this run had it not been for one thing, an annoying thing that I keep hoping will go away. Sensitivity (that’s the best word I can think to describe it) on the inside back portion of the arch on my left foot. (I realize that’s a long and complicated description but I want to be specific.)

I think it’s mild PF (plantar fascitis) but I’m not sure. Of course my mind goes all kinds of places but I’ve done that before with my calf and my back and it turned out to be nothing. Well, not nothing, but not season ending.

I’m hoping and praying for the same thing with this. We’ll see what comes.

So, in summary, good practice run with just a twinge of negativity.

Next up? Hilton Head Half Marathon!



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4 responses to “14 Miles–A Dress Rehearsal

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  2. great job…and kudos for not choking while running 🙂 I love the chews since gels seem to do things to my stomach, but yes the chewing while running takes some extra thought

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