Hilton Head Half Marathon Week 10 Training Recap

Less than a week (three runs) remain before the half marathon! Things are starting to get real around here.

Monday 7 miles of 4×1 mile intervals w/800 jogs
I ran on the treadmill at home so I could keep watching Rookie Blue episodes. I won’t make that mistake again. At first, I couldn’t figure out why it felt so much harder. Then I noticed two things. One, the treadmill on its own temporarily bumped my speed up from 7.6 to 8.6. Yeah, that’s a little bit faster. Thankfully the treadmill got that out of its system pretty quickly. The other thing I noticed is that this treadmill doesn’t go below 1.5 incline. I set the incline on the gym treadmill .5. There’s a little bit of difference. I managed to finish but had to pause after each interval to drink water and catch my breath. It’s back to the gym next week.

Tuesday pump class at gym
I alternated between loving and hating this class. Plus: fast-paced with great exercises for pushing oneself past the limit. Negative: fast paced + pushups between every set (hate them!)

Wednesday 7 miles regular run
Despite a little bit of lingering soreness from pump class and near-summer weather (64 degrees with 80-90% humidity) I really liked this run. I concentrated on the run itself and really got into a groove.

Thursday 7 miles regular run
I absolutely loved the chilly weather. (I think I could live in SC my entire life and still never figure out the weather.) I zoned out and just enjoyed the run. I thought I finished just a little slower than Wednesday but in fact I shaved 34 seconds off the total time. (Left foot a little more sensitive than normal…stretch, stretch, stretch!)

Friday stationary bike at gym
I pushed just a little bit more. (5 minutes shorter though) I enjoyed the ride and got a good bit of reading done.

Saturday 14 mile long run
A pretty good last long run if I do say so myself

Sunday rest
Taper starts today!


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