Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Week 11 Training Recap

I’d say that this training plan, with it’s ups and downs, was pretty successful. (That’s an understatement, of course.)

I learned a lot and plan to take all that new knowledge into my next training cycle which, coincidentally, starts today. (I’ll discuss that in a post coming up Tuesday or Wednesday.)

Here’s how the final week went.

Monday 5 miles tempo intervals
I ran these intervals at 8:02, race pace. Actually, that’s race pace for my reach goal. I felt pretty good and thought I just might be able to maintain that pace for 13 miles on Saturday. Plus, there was no PF sensitivity for the left foot!

Tuesday stationary bike
I skipped strength training because of the half marathon and rode the bike instead. I thought I was pushing harder than normal but it ended up being an average ride, good for catching up on blog reading.

Wednesday 5 miles regular run
This run felt absolutely fantastic! I wanted to keep going but I had to obey the taper.

Thursday 5 miles regular run
Ran inside on treadmill since I had to run an hour earlier and didn’t want to run the whole thing in the dark. I felt great and the time flew by. I upped the speed for each mile to create artificial negative splits.

Friday rest
Instead of trying to squeeze in another stationary bike session, I used the time to finish packing. Plus, this way my legs were well rested and ready to run.

Saturday Hilton Head Half Marathon
9 minute PR. That’s all that needs to be said.

Sunday Rest
I feel pretty good but I know that I put a lot out there on the course so I want to make sure that I’m rested and ready to get the new training cycle started off right.


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