Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Race Recap–Mom’s Turn

The first guest post on this blog, ever.

I asked Mom if she would write about her experiences running her first half marathon and she happily agreed. Here is her race recap.

Running a half marathon was definitely not on my bucket list, but today I did it. I think I surprised myself more than anyone else! I’ve been training for a few months but still went into it apprehensively. In recent weeks I’ve increased my speed, but my long runs were tough, with 11 miles being my longest distance so far.

So today I joined hundreds of people – some running a 5K, some a 10K, and the rest of us crazy people running 13.1 miles. I knew I wouldn’t be running with Jeni (my daughter and personal coach), since she was going for a PR, so I knew it would be a quiet run. The first couple miles were slow going, and I was weaving in and out trying to find free space to really run. By about mile 4 I finally found it.

The weather was perfect, and the run was my best so far. I was pretty happy with sub 10 for my first half! Having others around me helped me stay motivated and helped the miles go faster. By mile 11, I knew I was close to finishing and started to get excited. I was hoping for a huge adrenaline rush to send me flying through the last two miles, but my body didn’t really cooperate. So I reminded myself that my real goal was to finish, not necessarily to break a world record. And finish, I did. This time we switched roles, and Jeni was my race photographer (finishing 22 minutes earlier). I was pretty excited to cross the finish line in 2:07!

Speaking of race photographer, here are the photos I took of Mom finishing.
(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I was unable to get into aviary to edit them.)

Mom, coming around the corner

Mom, cheering because she's almost done!

Striding toward the finish!

Almost there!

Almost there!

Way to go Mom!



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4 responses to “Hilton Head Island Half Marathon Race Recap–Mom’s Turn

  1. Great job both of you!

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  3. How exciting for your mom and for your PR! I just found out about this race and think I will participate. It seems like everyone who ran this race had a great time!

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