The First Long Run of San Francisco Marathon Training

I know I promised a post about San Francisco back on Wednesday or Thursday. Honestly, I forgot. Whoops. So, just a little delayed, here’s my post on my decision to jump back into training and what that training will hopefully look like.

It’s no secret that I love San Francisco and the San Francisco marathon. I knew that I wanted to run the full this year from the moment I signed up to run the first half back in 2011.

For many months I didn’t have a time goal for this race. The goal was just to enjoy running over the Golden Gate Bridge with Mom (she’s running the first half) and finish well.

Then I happened to read a running blogger’s (whose name I can’t remember) post on her marathon plans and the books she would be reading before starting the plan. Advanced Marathoning was one of them.

After immediately checking it out from the library and reading it, I knew that I wanted to try the lowest mileage plan they offered, maxing at 55 miles per week. (aka a sign that I didn’t really want to run for fun)

Once the calendar turned over to 2013, I realized that I should probably write out the plan and make any necessary modifications because as soon as I finished Hilton Head, 18 weeks remained before San Francisco. I wasn’t thrilled about jumping into another plan right away which tempered my ambitious goals, temporarily.

Then came Hilton Head, the race that blew me out of the water.

That competitive urge started to come back. With successive PRs (huge ones at that) in the 5k and the half marathon, why should I stop there? Why should I not go all out for the marathon, especially the one I love the most? Plus, according to the McMillan Pace Calculator I could run a marathon in 3:38:xx with similar effort and training. A time that close to BQ does nothing to dampen my competitive spirit.

So, since I do still have a few marbles left, I will not be attempting a BQ in San Francisco. However, I am making my reach goal sub 4. There. I said it. I’m dreaming big here. Sub 4 in San Francisco would be amazing.

My actual goal is 4:10:xx but I’m not going to let myself settle for it. I’m chasing sub 4 big time now.

That brings me to today’s run.

Since this run was the first of the new training plan and only a week out from a massive PR effort, I knew I needed to take it easy.

Apparently, this is now “easy” for me.
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 12.05.33 PM

Yeah, I don’t really understand how I pulled that off. (Also, I admit that I did push it on the last mile. Definitely not in recovery mode there.)

I did start to drag just a little bit after mile 8. That’s probably a sign that I went out too fast. I’m stubborn though and kept up the pace.

I have no idea what this portends for the future but I hope it sticks around. I like running fast.



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4 responses to “The First Long Run of San Francisco Marathon Training

  1. Good luck with your training! I’ll bet you do amazingly in SF!

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