San Francisco Marathon Week 1 Training Recap

As I mentioned Saturday, I have plunged back in to training right away. Thankfully, the plan I have adapted from Advanced Marathoning calls for a three week base building cycle to start off. This past week it fit perfectly with recovery.

Monday 7 miles recovery run
I ran inside on the treadmill, primarily to make sure that I took it easy. (No hills on the treadmill.) The fact that I got to avoid the rain was a bonus. My legs were a bit sore starting out but the easy, recovery run really helped. They definitely didn’t feel as sore after the run. Great start to marathon training.

Tuesday pump 3 15 minute NTC workouts
I didn’t feel like going to pump class or strength training, period. However, opportunities for strength training are limited in this aggressive training plan so I made myself head to the gym. I threw together 3 15 minute NTC workouts (all three from the bonus workouts) for 40ish minutes of light strength training. Definitely better than nothing.

Wednesday 7 miles regular run
I ran inside on the treadmill again. Excuses this time? Rain with thunderstorms predicted as well as wanting to avoid the hills. Apparently I did get a pretty good work out Tuesday with NTC. The run itself was fairly nondescript, not too easy yet not too hard. On the last mile I increased the speed each minute for a little challenge.

Thursday stationary bike
The new plan calls for cross training on Thursday rather than Friday. It was a nice ride. Very easy though because my legs still need some recovery.

Friday 4 mile recovery run
The plan called for a “recovery” run so I took it easy on the run. The distances matched with the distance Mom ran so we ran together. I know I took it easy because I talked nearly the entire time. The run overall was nice and easy. I wanted to keep going.

Saturday 12 mile “long” run
After a week of taking it easy, it was nice to get out there and run long.

Sunday rest
I have a feeling that as the mileage in this plan ramps up, I’m going to enjoy my Sunday rest days more than ever.


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