San Francisco Marathon Training Week 2 Recap

Only one week of base building remains and then the milage starts going places I’ve never been before.

I’m not quite sure it’s sunk in yet that I’m back in marathon training mode yet. That’ll come soon enough.

Monday 8 miles w/800m intervals
Though this is not the exact speedwork that the Advanced Marathoning plan calls for, I really like it. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to watch Dr. Who. It’s a Monday tradition I’m not ready to give up yet. I forgot to change my alarm back to 6 from 6:30 but somehow managed to make it to the gym only 5 minutes late. The run flew by too. I set the interval speed at 7.5 (8 min mile pace). That was almost too hard but not quite, in other words, perfect! I can’t wait to push it even harder next week.

Tuesday 30 minute NTC workout
I think I’m going to stick with NTC throughout this training cycle. The plan calls for a fifth day of running (yikes!) which I will be adding on Tuesday. I tried to think of ways I could coordinate this extra run around the pump class but it would have taken a lot of work. NTC can be done whenever I finish my run.
I learned Tuesday that taking a break from the NTC workouts makes them seem brand new. That’s definitely a good thing. Also, I passionately dislike all forms of pushups.

Wednesday 8 mile regular run
The cold air is so invigorating! This was one of those runs that went so well I totally zoned out and can’t really remember much about it. Love those. I pushed the pace on the last mile for 8:18. After I finished I could feel some DOMS from Tuesday’s NTC workout.

Thursday stationary bike at gym
This was a good ride. I pushed a little hard this time and got almost a mile farther than last week. If I had started on time I would have gotten past 15 miles.

Friday 5 miles “recovery”
Rain “forced” me inside so I got to watch Dr. Who. Each mile I increased the speed. On the last mile I increased the speed every tenth of a mile finishing with a sprint.

Saturday 13 mile long run
I wimped out and ran on the treadmill but still got a great workout anyway.

Sunday rest
Apparently that 1.5 incline on the treadmill took more out of me than I realized. In the morning I definitely still felt that run and was sure to take it easy throughout the day.


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