San Francisco Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

I definitely did not expect this week of training to go as spectacularly well as it did. I think I’ve fallen head over heels with running five days a week and the higher mileage that it brings.

Monday 8 miles with 800m intervals
These intervals were exhilarating! They weren’t quite hard enough though so I’m going to up the speed next time.

Tuesday 6 miles + 15 minute NTC workout
RUN: My legs felt a tad on the “heavy” side. (Higher mileage takes some adjustment.) I enjoyed the run especially since I finished with an 8:49 last mile.
STRENGTH: I thought I chose the “easy” 15 minute ab work out but it turns out that when you have zero ab strength, even the easy workout is hard.

Wednesday 9 miles regular run
I set out all my stuff the night before knowing that squeezing an extra mile into my routine would make getting out the door for class on time, a near miracle. All that prep paid off! I finished the run and got home at almost the same exact time I usually do when I run 8. The run itself was awesome! I would go so far as to say it was one of my best runs in a while. I expected to feel a bit sluggish today since it was the third day in a row of running. (After all, last Wednesday’s run wasn’t all that peppy.) I definitely did not feel sluggish. Instead, the really good mood that was present when I started the run lasted the whole time. On top of that, I wasn’t even trying but I maintained a 9:18 average pace!

Thursday stationary bike at gym
I thought I pushed a little harder on this ride (because I felt really good) but somehow managed to get only two tenths more. Perplexing. Otherwise it was a really good ride.

Friday 5 miles “recovery” run
I felt really “blah” to start out for reasons unrelated to running. Other than that my legs felt fresh and my pace was pretty good too. Thankfully this “blah” feeling is out of the way in advance of the half marathon.

Saturday GHS Half Marathon
So, it turns out that my average pace for both GHS and HHI was exactly the same. If the course distance had been the same I would have had an identical time!

Sunday rest
I take rest days seriously now. Since my right calf is a little tight, okay, most of my leg muscles are a little tight, I concentrated on stretching and taking it easy.

Sub 4 hour marathon, I’m coming for you!



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3 responses to “San Francisco Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

  1. Hey Jeni – I am going through points and just wanted to validate yours… at over 178 that’s 30 hours of working out for the week…is that right?

    • That’s right. I’m following a high mileage marathon training plan plus still getting in at least an hour of walking per day. I have it all logged on my dailymile account for verification purposes.

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