San Francisco Marathon Week 5 Training Recap

With this week the weekly mileage PDRs begin. This week I ran a total of 47 miles, the most I have ever run in a single week. I expected I’d be a little more sore or tired than I am. I suppose that increasing mileage smartly played a strong role in that.

Monday 9 miles with 4 at half marathon pace
My right calf had been a teeny bit tight since Saturday (or before, I’m not certain) but it didn’t interfere and I’m being proactive with stretching after the run. I determined before I started that since I maintained an 8 minute pace for 13 miles last Saturday, I could definitely do it for 4 today. No problem. Next time I might have to go even faster.

Tuesday 5 miles “recover” + 30 min NTC workout
Run I had no trouble with the calf. Yay! The run itself was fairly nondescript, nice and easy as it should be.
Strength I really liked the workout I chose. It was just tough enough to follow a run without being too tough.

Wednesday 9 miles regular run
I started off in a sour/negative mood. (I’m not sure why.) By the time I finished, I felt much more positive, yet another reason that I love running. This run was a little slower than last Wednesday’s but that’s okay. My glutes and hamstrings are really sore from the NTC workout. Deadlifts may be easy while you’re doing them but watch out!

Thursday stationary bike
I took it easy because my thighs (inner and outer) still protested Tuesday’s NTC workout. After a couple minutes to get into the ride, my legs felt fine. Afterwards? Ouch.

Friday 5 miles recovery
I ran inside because I really don’t like completing my run before the sunrise. (Thus, why I’m not a DST fan.) My thighs were still just a little bit sore but I hoped that the soreness will go away completely before Saturday’s long run. Otherwise, the run was nice and easy.

Saturday 17 miles long run
I loved this run! Fastest marathon long run yet…

Sunday rest
I felt much better than I expected to but made sure to take it easy all the same so that I would be ready for the week to come.


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