12 Miles — Half and Half

I’m beginning to wonder why I open the weather channel app expecting accurate information.

Okay, it’s usually right, generally. The details give it trouble though. Those “details” help runners decide whether to run inside or out or whether to take the gloves or leave them at home.

Maybe that’s just a sign that I should “man up” and deal with whatever weather comes my way.

Regardless, last night’s weather forecast called for rain coming after I started my run. I could handle that. While I hate starting a run while it’s already raining, I don’t seem to mind if the rain joins me partway through. I told myself as I went to bed that I was going to rock that run even if it rained the whole time.

Speaking of the run, this week is a cut back week so the long run dropped from 17 miles to 12. I decided to skip the Swamp Rabbit Trail in favor of a route closer to home, a route full of lovely hills. After all, this sub 4 hour marathon I’m chasing is in San Francisco. I’m contemplating a return to Paris Mountain for one of my later (and longer) long runs, though I’m not sure I’m in my right mind when I contemplate that.

This morning the weather did not want to cooperate. (Of course I know what it’s thinking. It’s name is Susan. Oh wait, I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who.) Rain was predicted to start around 7:45 with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees.

I decided to compromise. I would run 6 miles outside, hopefully mostly without the rain. Then I would run the remaining 6, starting as soon as the gym opened, inside while watching Doctor Who. I brought along my gym card and a short sleeve shirt.

The weather app lied. I felt the first drops moments after stepping out of my car. Since I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) run the whole thing on the treadmill, I started anyway.

Those six miles felt pretty good. I didn’t mind the rain. I always find that’s the case. I dread the rain so much but when I actually run in it, it’s no big deal. Plus, I have fun imagining what the drivers think as they pass me.

My legs did not respond with the same spring on the hills as I would have hoped. This is a sign that I need to run more hills in my long runs. Overall though, part one of the run went well.

Murphy’s Law dictates that as soon as I came within two miles of the gym the rain started to let up. Oh the irony. Thankfully the rain came back a little when I got to my car to get my dry shirt. I wasn’t being a complete ninny.

The rest of the run went well. The gym was hot. I sweat a lot. Not much to tell.

The biggest lesson I learned from today? I should make a “plan B” when it comes to the run but leave it at “plan B”. “Plan A” (in this case rocking 12 miles outside on the hills) is so much better.



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