San Francisco Marathon Training Week 6 Recap

After a week which saw my highest weekly milage ever, I did not want a cut back week. In the long run though, I know that’s best. After looking back on the workouts I know that a cut back week is definitely what I needed. By the time Friday rolled around I had definitely recovered.

Monday 8 miles with 800m intervals
I didn’t feel as fresh for this run as I hoped but that’s alright. I had to decrease the recovery interval speed from 6.5 to 6.4 and then 6.3 after the halfway point. I pushed myself to the limit though and loved it!

Tuesday 5 miles recovery + NTC
RUN: I ran inside again because I thought it would be less hassle. Shows how much I know. I spent the first two miles of the run battling netflix and Nike Training Club. I couldn’t help but notice that the run itself was almost effortless. If I hadn’t been so frustrated with the externals, I know I would have enjoyed the run better.
NTC: Whenever I run inside before one of these workouts I’m always drenched to start. This was another good workout, a beginner workout that I’ve never done before. I wondered about that at first but now I remember that NTC had an update recently. Nike must have added more workouts. I was definitely wiped when I finished.

Wednesday 8 miles regular run
It took a little while for me to get going that morning, both getting out the door and getting started on the run. The first couple “hills” were pretty difficult. After I warmed up I fell into a good rhythm which helped the remaining miles fly by.

Thursday stationary bike
I wanted to skip this workout and go back to sleep but decided to go and take it easy. Turns out that’s all I needed. About 10 minutes into the ride I “woke up” and decided to push hard. Endorphins are wonderful!

Friday 4 miles recovery
I took it easy as prescribed by the training plan. It was so hard! I wanted to run so much faster the whole time. I did indulge in a bit of a sprint at the end.

Saturday 12 miles “long” run
While it wasn’t the best weather out, I still managed a pretty decent 12 miles. (The idea of running 26 miles at 9 min pace seems a good ways off still.)

Sunday rest
Even though I didn’t feel like I needed it as much, I made myself take it easy. (Pretty soon I think I’ll run out of things to say about rest days. There’s not that much to tell.)

Next on the plan? 50 miles this week!


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