San Francisco Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Well, I finished the week .06 shy of 50 miles. I’ll cross that 50 mile mark this week for sure.

Speaking of high mileage, I’m pretty sure that the higher mileage slowed me down a little on Saturday’s long run. This high mileage thing takes some getting used to but I love it!

Monday 10 miles with 5 at half marathon pace
This run was tougher than I expected. (I was really pleased when I noticed a couple tenths of a mile into the 5 at half marathon pace that the incline was at zero. *sarcasm) Once I stopped over-thinking on the fast 5, I got them done really quickly. I absolutely loved this run and the fact that I ran 10 miles on a weekday.

Tuesday 4 miles + NTC workout
RUN: This run felt almost effortless. It was over way too quickly!
NTC: For some reason I felt really clumsy. When I finished, the workout felt really ineffective and totally not worth it. I’m not sure what the difference is besides the heat. I ran outside before this workout so I wasn’t drenched in sweat like last week when I ran inside. I guess heat really does affect me.

Wednesday 10 miles regular run
I loved this run, especially the chilly weather that won’t be around for much longer. I’m grateful for every run that I don’t look like a drowned rat at the end. I felt pretty strong throughout. The hills in the last third felt a little tougher than at the end of the start but I powered through, especially on the last one to finish with a sub 9:30 pace.

Thursday stationary bike
Thursdays are the new Wednesdays for me. By that I mean, it’s been a long week and there’s no prospect of next week being any easier. That being said, it’s tough to get going Thursday mornings but once I do, it’s so worth it. Instead of just taking it easy I decided to push the pace and absolutely loved it!

Friday 7 miles with 8x100m strides 6 miles regular run
Unfortunately, I ran out of time to look up how to do strides (this would have been my first time) so I decided just to skip the strides. I also had to lop off a mile so I’d have enough time to put some gas in my car. 🙂
On the actual run I felt pretty strong although not quite as strong as I would have liked on the hills.

Saturday 18 miles
Hard but worth it.

Sunday Rest
I had to make myself relax since I recovered (or at least felt like I recovered) so quickly. As always, though, the rest was well enjoyed.



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