San Francisco Marathon Week 8 Training Recap

This was the week that I finally crossed the 50 mile threshold. In fact, this week I ran 55.94 miles. Just one week. Mind. Blown.

So, what did that look like?

Monday 6 miles w/800m intervals
I upped the interval speed to 7.6 (from 7.5) for the first three miles. That made such a huge difference. Those intervals were hard, so hard I went back to 7.5 for the final three miles. Those intervals were harder than usual too. I definitely got my money’s worth.

Tuesday 12 miles regular run
I still can’t believe that I ran 12 miles on a weekday. This high mileage plan is no joke! My stride felt easy and I felt strong through the first half of the run. As soon as I turned to head back something switched in my perception and things started to feel hard. Then after mile 8 things got really hard. My hips protested. My thighs protested. (and etc) I kept pushing through. I knew that if I finished strong the whole run would feel worth it. Finish strong I did, 8:28 for the final mile. In fact, upon finishing and uploading my Garmin data I noticed that my fastest miles were miles 8-12 when things felt hardest. Coincidence? I think not.

Wednesday stationary bike at gym
Other than a few weird twinges on the outside of my left hip this ride was pretty good, a nice (relaxing) change from running. (That “hip” thing will persist, unfortunately.)

Thursday 11 miles with 6 at half marathon pace regular run
My legs did not feel up another speedwork session. (From now on I’m following the plan and running whatever is supposed to be run on Monday rather than adding speedwork because I like watching Doctor Who on Mondays. :D) I skipped the tempo part and just kept running. While I would have much rather ran 11 outside than on the treadmill, I was not prepared for running outside. I settled for 2.5 episodes of Doctor Who watching instead. The upper thigh/hip thing was still there. I’m still perplexed as to what it is and hope I can figure it out soon.

Friday 5 miles “recovery”
I made a conscious effort to take it easy on this run. After all, the plan called for a recovery run. Plus, I didn’t really feel up to it, at least not before I started. Once I started running I felt pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and even had to hold myself back so I wouldn’t spend everything I had the day before a 20 miler. Then I got home and looked at my pace. No wonder it felt so easy, my pace was 15-20 seconds slower than normal.

Saturday 20 miles long run
Best 20 miler yet.

Sunday Rest
I am definitely taking it easy today even though I want to do a lot more. It’s all about smart recovery.


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