San Francisco Marathon Training Week 9 Recap

This week I was (and am still) thankful for the non-existence of an injury in the hip/outer thing area of my left leg.

It’s funny now to look back on last week and how apprehensive I felt about the whole thing. The “niggle” started to feel better immediately following last week’s 20 miler.

This week was a cutback week of sorts as is week 10. (at least it’s supposed to be but I’ll get to that next week)

Monday 6 miles w/800m intervals
I felt so much stronger on this run than last Monday’s. I kept the interval speed at 7.6 the whole time, instead of having to go back to 7.5. I thought about taking a water break at the halfway point but I didn’t need it. (Well, I would have appreciated the water but I didn’t need the rest.)

Tuesday 14 12 miles
There were a few moments when this run felt good but just a few. I felt pretty sluggish. It was just one of those runs that was just there and I’m glad it’s done. I’m also glad that I decided to stick with 12 (for time reasons to start) because those extra two miles would have been miserable.

Wednesday 6 miles regular run
I decided that I would stick with the plan and just run 6 (instead of adding the two I cut out on Tuesday). I’m glad I did. This was a great recovery run. I felt really good the whole time minus the “lovely” humidity

Thursday stationary bike at gym
This ride was nice and easy with a side of frustration at getting Warehouse 13 to play on Netflix using the gym’s wifi.

Friday 6 miles recovery
I ran inside on the treadmill because I set my mind to it the night before. (Rain was predicted.) I felt strong the whole time. Other than that there was nothing extraordinary, good or bad, about the run.

Saturday Marathon Specific: 15 miles with 12 miles at race pace
I’ve got to stop selling myself short. 🙂

Sunday rest


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