Twenty Miles, a Hybrid Run

It’s official. I extremely dislike the weather channel. When will I learn not to rely on it? (I’ll probably ask that question at least five more times this year alone.)

So, for the past couple days I’ve known that the weather channel (and other meteorologists) predicted heavy rain all day today. I kept hoping that the forecast would change because if it did not I was left with two options: run 20 miles in the rain or 20 miles on the treadmill. I hesitate to even call those options.

Today I headed out and got almost all the way to my normal starting spot on the Swamp Rabbit Trail but couldn’t do it. The rain fell steadily throughout the whole drive and I couldn’t overcome that mental block against running in the rain. Once I turned around I resigned myself to running 20 miles on the treadmill.

I had to wait until 8 to start, since that’s when the gym opens. When I stepped out the door, imagine my surprise to see absolutely no rain. Oh goody. I checked the weather channel app (when will I learn?), saw that I had a two hour window so I devised a new plan, a hybrid run: 10 miles on the road, 10 miles on the treadmill.

It wasn’t ideal because those 10 miles included all my normal hills rather than the gentle, flat Swamp Rabbit Trail. I intended to take it easy today. After the intensity of last week, I knew that I needed to ease back this week, especially since this week is the highest mileage week of the entire plan.

I felt all the uphills. They weren’t easy but I didn’t push through. Instead I focused on taking it slow and steady. Thankfully I found a fairly good rhythm on the downhills and the flats.

When I got to the turn around point, I stopped and checked the weather channel app again. Just great. Now, no rain was predicted for the rest of the day. (That has also turned out to be incorrect because as I am writing this entry, it’s pouring outside.)

I kept going past the turnaround point, debating what I should do. For just a little while I wondered if I should find another turn I could take to extend the run and finish the miles outside. I ended up nixing that idea. As much as running on the treadmill sucks, (I blame my gym and it’s propensity for keeping it warmer and more humid inside than out) I needed a flat surface and a way to keep my pace slow and steady.

So, I slogged back to the gym and completed the remaining 8.55 miles on the treadmill. They weren’t easy but that was definitely what I needed.

This wasn’t exactly how I imagined capping off my highest mileage week ever but I got it done. My legs are justifiably tired and I’m be taking the rest of the weekend very easy. No one said marathon training is easy. I love it though.



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