San Francisco Marathon Week 11 Training Recap

After the accidental intensity of week 10, I knew that I needed to scale it back a notch for week 11. That meant focusing on slower paces especially since the mileage for week 11 will not be topped through the remainder of the training cycle. I think I had success in that realm and am ready to push it again during week 12. (Granted, recovery runs will still be recovery runs. I’ve learned my lesson.)

Monday 6 miles recovery + 4.5 miles #bostonstrong run
AM: I ran on the treadmill for two reasons. 1. I wanted to watch Doctor Who. (Lord Grantham as a pirate? Who can pass that up?) 2. The treadmill lacks hills and helps me regulate speed. As last Friday’s recovery “attempt” demonstrated, I need a little help slowing myself down. My legs felt a little tired to start and it took longer than normal to get into the zone (aka not paying attention to every step) but eventually I got there and the rest of the run went by rather quickly.
PM: This was a great run with 20 or so other Greenville runners. I ended up running with two 2013 Boston marathoners and accidentally maintained an 8:30-8:50 pace. Whoops.

Tuesday 12 miles with 7 at half pace 8 miles regular run
The #bostonstrong run took a bit more out of me than I expected. This run was supposed to be a tempo run but after running way too hard last week, I nixed all speedwork this week as I focus on distance. This run felt really hard, like my legs still haven’t recovered from the Greer Half. Even though I kept telling myself to slow down, somehow my pace averaged 9:30. What is wrong with me? 🙂

Wednesday stationary bike at gym
This was a nice, easy, unexceptional ride. I love these rides because I read about running. Today was bittersweet though, tons of articles about Boston (pre-bombing obviously).

Thursday 12 miles regular run
Again, I focused on keeping the run slow and steady. The hills were still hard. I do not have the best route for recovery with all those hills. Overall I felt good though I think I’m due for a new pair of shoes. (That’s the problem with high mileage. Barely two months on this pair. :D) I’m still baffled at how fast this run was considering how I tried to slow down.

Friday 5 4.5 miles recovery
I ran on the treadmill to eliminate the hills and keep the pace even for recovery. It took a little to get going, felt a bit sluggish, but after a mile or so I settled into a good rhythm. (I took off half a mile from this run to balance out the extra I ran Monday.)

Saturday 20 miles long run
Hard run on tired legs but still loved it.

Sunday rest
After a week like this one, I don’t need any extra encouragement to take it easy.



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