Over a Third Gone

The end of another month has come and with the end of one month and the start of another comes a check in post.


1. Run 1800 miles (Reach: 2000)
Total miles ran in April: 221.71
Total miles ran in 2013 so far: 702.87
Total miles remaining (1800): 1,097.13
Total miles remaining (2000): 1,297.13
At this rate I need to maintain a minimum of 31.3 miles per week to reach my goal of 1800 and a minimum of 37 miles per week to achieve my reach goal. Without easy access to all my records, I can’t say for sure that this is my highest mileage month yet. (Yes, I know I said that last month too.) I anticipated the mileage needed per month to drop more significantly but it’s dropping, so I’m happy.

2. Race at least once a month.
April’s race was much harder but also much more successful than I anticipated.

3. Strength train twice a week
This did not happen once during March. High mileage training has taken more out of me than I anticipated. I’m not sure when I will be able to fit it back in but I’m sure that I need to.

4. Start Swimming
Again, when I start my new job next week, I’ll have limited extra time and I’m not sure when or if I’ll be able to swim at all this year.


5. Make thesis and PhD work a top priority.
Thesis is now done so one half of this goal was a smashing success. (I don’t know my grade yet but it’s done so I consider it a success.) PhD work did not happen this month because I focused on thesis. Again, with the new job I’m not sure how much extra time I’ll have but I’m still planning on making it a priority.

6. Take the blog in a new direction.
Again, this did not happen this month but I have one post that I’m planning to post tomorrow and another that I have half finished that I should be able to post in the next couple weeks. I’m still working on this, it’s not as fast as I’d hoped but I’m getting there.

7. Read 150 books.
So far this year I’ve read 71 books, 22 books ahead of schedule. I’ve been trying to work ahead on this goal so I’d have a cushion in case either thesis or PhD work took up my free reading time. Turns out that I had more time than I bargained for during thesis and PhD work this fall won’t be happening. What will start soon is a full time job that will take up much more time than thesis work. I’m still well on my way to completing this goal.


8. Take 1,000 pictures/Have 8,000 photos uploaded to flickr.
This year I have taken 431 pics with 569 left to go.
I have a total of 7398 uploaded to flickr with 602 remaining.
At this rate I need to take 2.3 pictures per day to reach the 1,000 pictures goal and 2.45 pictures per day to reach the 8,000 picture total.
I think I did marginally better this month but I still need to improve. It’s not second nature yet to pull oout the camera. I’m hoping it will be soon.


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