Swamp Rabbit 5k Race Recap

In lieu of a long run recap (condensed version: hard, but done), I bring a race recap of a race that we almost didn’t make it to.

Yesterday was a crazy day because of all the graduation requirements and festivities. If everything had gone according to plan (mainly, if graduation hadn’t run exceptionally long) then we would have been able to change and make it out to TR in plenty of time.

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls though. Thanks to a long graduation ceremony, lots of picture taking, delay for clothes retrieval and awful rush hour traffic, we found ourselves still in the car at 6:25 for a race that was supposed to start at 6:30.

The only thing that would save us from having made a trip in vain was a delay in race start. We still had to pick up our bibs and get Timothy registered.

When we got “close,” Timothy, Michael and I got out of the car and started running while Mom found a place to park. Somewhere between that point and Gateway Park I discovered that Timothy had forgotten to bring his cash with him so we had no way of registering him for the race. (He decided all of half an hour before that he wanted to run.)

We got to the park and frantically tried to get the bibs and everything sorted before the race started. Thankfully, it had been delayed.

The missing money didn’t matter either. The volunteers at the registration table told us that Timothy could just run with me. He didn’t need a bib. I guess when you have close to 5000 runners, it doesn’t matter.

The crowd at the start
Just one portion of the start

Before the race started we stood on the edge, not quite able to make it to the pavement. With a couple minutes to spare we had enough time for a couple group shots.

Timothy the giant
Timothy the giant…

At the start line
That’s better.

In the waning seconds before the start I finally made a race plan. I would run with Timothy at his pace. I knew ahead of time that I wouldn’t be pushing it in this race. (Too many people + 18 mile run in the morning) This ended up being the perfect compromise.

Just after we started running, it started sprinkling. The rain didn’t really bother me, thankfully.

Throughout the whole run I kept talking and motivating Timothy to finish. He’d declared that his goal was to run the whole thing, no walking. He was so determined to meet this goal that when his shoe came untied, stopping to tie it wasn’t even an option. (Although, on a course that crowded there wasn’t really a place for him to stop.)

Somewhere around mile 2, as I was talking to Timothy, I realized that I would actually love to do something like that more often. It really is a lot of fun to come alongside another runner and give them that extra boost that they need to finish well.

Finish well he did. We crossed the finish line with a time of 28:09 according to my Garmin. Ironically, that’s also the chip time. (I’m not sure that will ever happen again in my life time.)

Michael and Mom also did well.

Michael had hoped to beat my best time, 22:30 but was foiled by the crowded course. However, he did snag a four second PR with a time of 22:56.

Mom also did phenomenally well. She finished sixth in her age group with a time of 26:00. That’s a 14 minute 4 second PR from the first time she ran this race two years ago. Just goes to show you the difference training will make.

This race had a soggy finish. We were quite ready to head back to the car as quickly as possible to warm up. Not without a couple post race pictures of course.

Silly 5kers
Silly…though someone didn’t get the message 🙂

And now normal faces...well not quite

All in all, a very successful race. (My long run this morning, not as successful but at least I finished.)

If only I’d been able to stay and finally patronize the food trucks. Alas, I had a graduation party to get back to. 😀

Next race? San Francisco Marathon (It’s getting close!)


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